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EPiServer Relate

Social Media and Community.

Social networking is one of the best ways to connect with your target audience and build relationships. Although sites like Facebook and Twitter can help you build your online brand, they often don’t give you enough flexibility when it comes to how you can engage your community and present your content.

Take Control of your Social Brand

Many companies  are launching branded social communities to gain the flexibility required to meet their marketing goals and allow for more collaboration around their brands. A branded community lets you control your content and give your audience an integrated experience, while providing a forum where your members can share their opinions on your sector, products and services. The content on your branded community can also drive visitors to your website and keep them around longer.

EPiServer Relate lets you segment your visitors based on their location, title, interests or other profile data. This means you can personalize each visitor’s experience by showing them relevant ads, articles and other content. Providing visitors with customized content can increase the amount of time they spend on your site.

Transform your website into a social hub with relate public edition

Whether you want to add social features to your existing website or create a new social site, EPiServer Relate Public Edition makes it easy to engage with your community so you can build relationships that engage your target audience.

With EPiServer Relate Public Edition, you can:

  • Get closer to your target audience
  • Turn your website into a powerful sales and marketing platform that is optimized for each visitor
  • Share your content
  • Manage your social activities and track your results
  • Create a branded community

» Download EPiServer Relate product brochure (PDF)
» Learn how you can make your website social
Download the blueprint for building social branded communities
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Increase organizational efficiency with EPiServer Relate Intranet Edition

Was the last time someone updated your organization’s intranet before the invention of Facebook?  EPiServer Relate turns your out-of-date intranet into a social community where employees collaborate and share information.

With EPiServer Relate Intranet Edition, you can:

  • Improve organizational efficiency
  • Engage a new generation of employees
  • Quickly locate all of your organization’s social content
  • Strengthen your brand

» Download EPiServer Relate product brochure (PDF)