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EPiServer’s multi-channel commerce solution

EPiServer Commerce is more than just a tool for catalog management and payments. Our Commerce platform incorporates the full scope of EPiServer’s best-in-class WCM to power your e-shop from end-to-end and fuel your business growth.

In today’s global marketplace, your e-commerce website must meet the needs of online buyers wherever they are and whatever they're after. That’s why you need a flexible e-commerce platform to facilitate ease of purchase and provide service for buyers from your local market and beyond.

Why choose EPiServer Commerce:

Take your business global

Multiple language and currency options help you attract customers from around the world.

Mobile commerce

EPiServer Commerce comes with mobile-ready templates so you don’t miss out on the $119 billion in global m-commerce revenues, expected by 2015.

Use customized content to drive revenue

EPiServer Commerce automatically shows your customers targeted promotions based on their location, industry or interests. The more your content is geared toward your customers’ needs, the more likely they are to buy from you 

Cross-sell across channels

With EPiServer’s upselling and cross-selling features you can show targeted promotions to visitors and increase the value of their shopping cart whether they come to you via mobile devices or social networks.

Continuously test and optimize

Conduct A/B testing within your EPiServer Commerce solution to see how you changes to your product pages can improve conversions and create more profit.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment

By offering customers quick or anonymous checkout options, the risk of shopping cart abandonment is minimized.

EPiServer Commerce comes with a fully functional templated site, which allows you to get your e-commerce website up and running quickly and easily so you can start making profits sooner.

Download EPiServer Commerce product brochure (PDF)

EPiServer Commerce functions