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EPiServer Enhances Product Offerings

21 Jun 2012

EPiServer, an innovator in multichannel digital marketing and e-Commerce software has widened its range of add-ons and modules to the popular EPiServer CMS. Glenfield Digital Group as an accredited EPiServer partner is please to provide organisations the following recent additions.

Google Analytics for EPiServer

New add-on gives marketers the data they need when they need it

Bringing the most important results from Google Analytics and presenting useful contextual analytics within the content creation process, traffic optimization and conversion improvements are easier to attain than ever. Additionally, through the deep, platform-wide integration, marketers can quickly see the effectiveness of strategies and tactics such as personalisation or social sharing. Google Analytics for EPiServer is an out-of-the-box solution that enables marketers to track relevant information and examine the data in the context that is most relevant to them and their editors. Features include:


  • Full Google Analytics integration and tracking
  • Ability to track all relevant information and events related to content, traffic and conversions
  • Predefined analytics best practice guidelines to get maximum out of the EPiServer platforms
  • Analytics data presented alongside the content being analyzed
  • Extensible for multiple websites
  • Track the effect of social campaigns on conversions and revenue directly
  • Ability to see the conversions generated from personalization efforts on the site

EPiServer Find

High-Performance Search Capabilities to Online Presence Management

EPiServer Find is a big data product designed for content retrieval applications and onsite search.  Customer experience, a highly valued online metric, can be dramatically improved by matching visitors with content faster.

EPiServer Find can be applied to classic site search and effectively handles free text search for websites with unstructured content. With editorial control over website search results, businesses can deliver smart content to visitors that accounts for out-of-the-box searching and linguistic variability.  Realizing the importance of content performance, the solution allows for automatic website optimization improvements based on informed search statistics. Sites are arranged in a way that allows visitors to seek and find exactly the content they need to move them toward a conversion goal.

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Cross Channel e-Commerce

Powerful new PIM solution with leading ecommerce platform for improved business results

The PIM solution will give EPiServer customers a range of benefits, including the ability to:

  • Use a drag-and-drop interface to categorize and build relationships between products for complete control over related product recommendations
  • Create and maintain product assortments for multiple channels
  • Use workflow and version control to ensure product content is controlled
  • Use integrated Adobe InDesign to efficiently produce printed material with the same content
  • Manage single assets that are automatically optimized for specific channels
  • Automate translation using integrated external translation process

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SiteAttention for EPiServer

Delivers On Improved Organic Search Results for Businesses

Providing a software add-on integrated with Google Analytics to help marketers optimize content for better search results. SiteAttention for EPiServer presents content editors with search optimization advice and indicators side-by-side with the content as it is being created. With the tool, users approach search-optimized content creation as a single, fluid process while organizations can maintain their search strategy and more efficiently realize business results.

SiteAttention for EPiServer allows businesses to drive traffic to their websites and increase the likelihood of conversion by bringing key SEO elements into the easy-to-use EPiServer CMS platform as part of the content creation process. Its robust keyword analysis feature shows related search terms, search volume and competition based on statistics from Google. SiteAttention users are granted immediate assistance with and ideas for improving online content in the development stage to support improving their ranking in search engines.

SiteAttention contains a text analysis function which , based on Google’s PageRank Algorithm, analyzes already- written text and suggests keywords for optimization of the text. Google Analytics advises on keywords using measurements of actual webpage viewer usage showing the number of visitors on each page coming from search engines and the search terms people are using.

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EPiServer Mobile Pack

Create and Sell on Mobile Platforms with Content-Rich Mobile Web Applications

EPiServer empowers marketers to quickly and efficiently extend their primary online presence, whether that's a website, ecommerce site or branded social community, to smartphones and tablets.

Marketers today understand the benefits of making their brands more mobile, but many fear the complexity and expense of entering the mobile channel. MobilePack unlocks marketers' from reliance on their IT staff while enabling content reuse across multiple channels. Based on HTML 5, MobilePack allows marketers to use familiar analytics tools to understand visitor preferences before investing in more expensive native apps. Key features of MobilePack include the ability to add new content specific to the mobile context, device-specific preview and can be customized by developers to create richer mobile experiences.

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