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SiteAttention for EPiServer Available

17 Apr 2012

EPiServer, an innovator in multichannel digital marketing and e-Commerce software, announced today the availability of SiteAttention for EPiServer, a software add-on integrated with Google Analytics to help marketers optimize content for better search results. SiteAttention for EPiServer presents content editors with search optimization advice and indicators side-by-side with the content as it is being created. With the tool, users approach search-optimized content creation as a single, fluid process while organizations can maintain their search strategy and more efficiently realize business results.

SiteAttention for EPiServer allows businesses to drive traffic to their websites and increase the likelihood of conversion by bringing key SEO elements into the easy-to-use EPiServer CMS platform as part of the content creation process. Its robust keyword analysis feature shows related search terms, search volume and competition based on statistics from Google. SiteAttention users are granted immediate assistance with and ideas for improving online content in the development stage to support improving their ranking in search engines.

“Our customers have asked us to make it even easier to achieve better online results, and that’s what we have accomplished with SiteAttention.  It’s the first time that content creators can see live feedback about SEO improvements while they are in the process of developing content,” Bob Egner, Vice President of Product Management and Global Marketing for EPiServer, said. “With each addition to the EPiServer suite’s capabilities, we aim to accomodate the level of usability and business results that organizations require to get the most from their online investment.”

SiteAttention contains a text analysis function which , based on Google’s PageRank Algorithm, analyzes already- written text and suggests keywords for optimization of the text. Google Analytics advises on keywords using measurements of actual webpage viewer usage showing the number of visitors on each page coming from search engines and the search terms people are using.

The SiteAttention for EPiServer Add On is availabile immediately.  Basic SEO advice and real-time feedback is available with no service fee, and premium advice incorporating Google data is available for a monthly service fee. For additional information on SiteAttention for EPiServer, please visit here.

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