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Web Content Management Systems Compared

Please find some of our findings on variety of Web Content Management Systems, you can click the logo of each to discover more. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs, we'd be happy to advise you of a solution that fits your short and long term goals.


Excellent choice for Intranet portals and for organizations with a significant investment in Microsoft product.
Includes: Content Management with a wide variety of integration of the Microsoft Suite of products. Includes pages, blogs and events. eCommerce through the Microsoft Commerce Server.

Microsoft have created the industry recognised corporate content publishing platform that allows integration of a number of third party systems.

Highlights: Robust Framework for Intranets
Target Market: Businesses requiring an Intranet Solution that integrates the Microsoft Product Range, not for front facing public sites.



Enterprise grade Web Content Management and Marketing System with extensive features. Over 3,500 customers worldwide running over 10,000 websites.

Includes: Pages, Blogs, Events, Form Builder, Forums, Newsletters, Search Engine Optimization, Personalisation, Google Analytics, Localization, Workflow Control, support of Mobile Devices including tablets. Full Online Marketing Suite, Email Campaign Manager and eCommerce. EPiServer Social Media Community Builder.

As an Enterprise Grade CMS we found EPiServer easy for users to understand, well presented and encompassing a wealth of features. Its strength lies in the extensive eCommerce capabilities and integration to marketing functionality such as Visitor Grouping. The platform also has a Social Community module that can be widely customised to suit Social Interaction on a number of levels.

Highlights: eCommerce, Social Community, Social Interaction
Target Market: Enterprises who require a highly customised eCommerce experience with Marketing and Social Networking capabilities built-in



Ideal for Organizations looking for an affordable CMS with E-Commerce and Marketing Engagement Suite. Used by over 18,000 websites worldwide.

Includes: Pages, Blogs, Events, Lists, Form Builder, Forums, Newsletters, Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics Integration, eCommerce, Localization, Workflow Control, Mobile Device support, Online Marketing Suite.

Kentico over the course of the last few years has made up much ground in moving to the Enterprise market. Their Marketing Engagement Suite has a great deal of the functionality found in more expensive CMS platforms and this has been integrated to their shopping experience.

Highlights: Marketing Engagement Suite, Multi-Site Unlimited Domain licensing option
Target Market: Businesses requiring an affordable CMS solution with much of the Marketing Engagement functionality we see in more expensive Enterprise platforms




Disclaimer: Information above published 28th Nov 2013 to the best of our knowledge from third party sources and is subject to change without notice. You should always contact Glenfield Systems to verify the completeness or accuracy of this comparison data.